Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster is a Traditional Cultural Practitioner of his Hawaiian Ancestry. He was accepted as a student of Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki in 2007. Since his acceptance Kawika learned the Cultural Practices of his Hawaiian Heritage. He learned in a traditional manner. Once initiated into the Lineage he lived with his teacher in Halawa Valley on the island of Molokai. His trainings where conducted in an oral basis. Stories, chants and dance where taught through listening, observing, and repeated till Mastery.


Since 2010 he has been traveling internationally sharing the Knowledge and Wisdom he learned. In 2016 Kawika was released from his training by his teacher and given the title Kumu Pa'a. It is his responsibility to preserve and perpetuate the Teachings of his Ancestors abroad. Today he continues to fulfil this responsibility by teaching internationally and from his home in Australia. 


It is his passion to enlighten others with an interest in Hawaiian Spirituality to The Way of Thinking and The Way of Living that nurturers a sound understanding of his Hawaiian Ancestry. His sharing style combines Ancient Wisdom with a Modern Approach. Through straight forward talks and real world applications Kumu Pa'a Kawika demonstrates how Traditional Hawaiian Spirituality relates to these changing times.